There are multiple ways to prepare for a colonoscopy. The safest and most reliable prep is the standard large 4 liter jug prep, but other preps are available for certain issues. The links below will take you to the various preps that we commonly use for patients (this list is not all inclusive, so if yours is not listed here, please contact us).

The choice as to the type of prep you will be given varies with your medical history, why we are doing the colonoscopy and your normal bowel habits. For instance, if you have high blood pressure, kidney disease,heart disease or fluid retention, you should not take certain types of preps that contain phosphosoda (the pill prep) as this may rarely result in irreversible kidney damage. If you are very constipated a standard large jug prep is best for you in order to assure that your prep will be adequate for us to identify even small polyps. If you have unsuccessfully prepped for a colonoscopy in the past, you may be given a 2 day prep that is slower and may be better tolerated by your system. Please ask us if you have questions pertaining to your prep.

As you select the prep instructions you need below, the facility that your procedure is to be performed at is labeled as either "MCE" or "TMH". The preps are otherwise the same. MCE is Medical Center Endoscopy located in the Scurlock Tower 6560 Fannin, Suite 600, and TMH is The Methodist Hospital Digestive Disease Lab, located in the Smith Tower 6550 Fannin, Suite 649.

Standard Nulytely colonoscopy prep for MCE
Standard Nulytely colonoscopy prep for TMH
2 Day colonoscopy prep for MCE
2 Day colonoscopy prep for TMH
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Prep for MCE
FDA Warnings and instructions for Osmoprep (the Pill Prep)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION IN CONTACTING US: . Please call the office to discuss medical related issues with us directly at 713-441-3372. Thank you!